Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

Bupinder Singh Chairman DM Security Services

Mr. Bhupinder Singh (Chairman)

The Chairman of the Company and though most of the years were spent in the travel trade, he started this venture in 2019 as the need for security increased. Due to his various contacts and evergrowing public relations, the company got a jump start when a lot of his friends used DM Service. He continues to be the “think-tank” of the company and his advice is ever essential. The importance of standards in Security Services is properly not understood by many. This is not merely a question of getting/engaging security services and making a few guards stand here and there, but it involves understanding and creating a culture of accountability that must apply to security services in the market. Today Security of installations, security companies in Delhi office premises, and industry are in the hands of private security companies, it is difficult to assess or ascertain the quality of guards and security services. Therefore the customers must study the activities of the Security provider and check his office premises and training arrangements before finalizing the contract since the customer is not hiring individuals but an organization, which would supervise and provide required security support to the client. With the enactment of the private security act, it is now mandatory for the security provider to create training facilities in the company and ensure guards, supervisors, and others undergo specified training schedules, once this is strictly.

Deepika Trivedi Khatti Managing Director DM Security Services

Deepika Trivedi (Managing Director)

Deepika is a postgraduate in Administration & Management, looking after organizational activities of D.M Security. Her valuable contribution over the years has helped D.M Security to have a prestigious client base. She has attended various quality workshops on the implementation of ISO procedures. After that, she has been appointed as ISO-Management Representative. She monitors the ongoing quality improvement processes to ensure the best practices within the industry. Her innovative ideas have also been appreciated by the management and welcomed by the clients who have not only improved the overall client satisfaction but also added new dimensions to the D.M. Security Her rich experience has helped her in successfully achieving Client Retention, which has not only increased the clients’ confidence but also generated a lot of new good references. She has been associated with designing, planning, and executing integrated security solutions in this ever-changing scenario of the Indian market for security needs. Her experience and security background has been of great help to the team In successfully.