Facility & Fleet Management

Facility & Fleet Management

DM Security Services provides strategic facility & fleet management with building management, maintenance, and consulting services. Outsourcing these services is a smart business move for companies wishing to maintain flexibility and lower operating costs. Our experience is based on expertise, best practices, operating procedures and industry nuances. We offer a cost-effective facility management and maintenance service that brings efficiency, gives your organization a competitive edge – while freeing you up to concentrate on your core operations.


In simple terms, facility management encompasses all activities related to keeping an organization operating. Our capabilities include building management, maintenance and consulting services in a way that supports the facility of the organization it serves.

A company can build greater reliability by engaging external facility service firms with appropriate expertise and experience. With the goal of bringing together complete customer service and support into one single solution, we provide a wide range of facilities management services, from cleaning to high-end professional services. Among our clients are some of the most renowned companies and organizations.

Our higher standards of staff make us one of the preferred companies in industries. In order to meet the global standards for housekeeping, our staff receives comprehensive training.


DM Security Services is a customer-oriented organization that provides Integrated Facility Services. We understand that every client is different and so are the requirements of their business. We bring together people, place, and technology to create a truly unique and cost-effective solution for our clients.

  • Facilities management basis your needs
  • Proven Track record
  • Robust and Dependable Process
  • Excellence and Integrity